Innovate Faster

Venture Studio

 FinMirai is a Japan based venture studio designed to accelerate innovation and transformation in Japanese Financial Institutions.  Founded on experience in transforming Goldman Sachs and DBS Bank, FinMirai has developed a repeatable framework derived from physics to optimize large scale transformation. 

Executive Team

Steve Monaghan



Steve Monaghan is a General Partner at FINMIRAI, Chairman & CEO of Gen.Life, a LP and IC member in True Global Ventures, Vice Chair of Borderless Healthcare Mobile China, Co-Chairman of HK HealthTech Association, Vice Chair of the HK Israel Trade Association, a Board Member of Pulse Global and a private investor in Artificial Intelligence, Life Sciences, Healthtech, Fintech and ICO's. Steve specializes in the creation of innovative business models for leading institutions and startups and has served as an advisor to AIA, Veritas Genetics and Intel. 

Norbert Gehrke

General Partner


Norbert Gehrke is a General Partner at FINMIRAI, Founder & Representative Director of Tokyo FinTech, and an advisor to several FinTech companies, including Advanced Blockchain AG, asvin GmbH & Tontine Trust. As a former Goldman Sachs and Barclays Managing Director in Technology, Norbert is passionate about the work of leading critical enterprise-wide, cross-functional initiatives from strategy through technology implementation that transform organizations and innovate by applying leading technology and exploiting data.

Research Team

Callie Miaw


Callie Miaw is a Research Analyst at FINMIRAI. Originally from the United States, Callie is studying finance and accounting at the University of Texas at Austin. Callie developed early interests in math and technology while attending a magnet school called the Texas Academy of Math and Science.  She is passionate about learning about the FinTech industry and excited to explore how this sector can grow in Japan.  

Noah Winn


 Noah Winn is a Research Analyst at FINMIRAI and a current student at the University of Texas at Austin.  Noah is working on a major in Economics and a certificate in data science.  He is excited to work more on analyzing the different ways new technology can influence strategy and to gain a better working knowledge of Japanese business culture. 


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